The 20 Most Popular Destinations To Propose In 2016 Including New York, Paris And Dubai

The 20 Most Popular Destinations To Propose In 2016 Including New York, Paris And Dubai
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Popping the question can be incredibly nerve-wracking. 

But if you nail the location, you’re more than halfway there to making your proposal a wonderful and, most importantly, memorable experience.

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For those who want to hop on a plane and fly their beau somewhere romantic to get engaged, luxury ethical jewellery specialists Ingle and Rhode have trawled through thousands of Instagram hashtags to find the most popular destinations to propose in 2016.

Researchers combined data from four Instagram hashtags – #isaidyes, #proposal, #proposed and #heproposed – which pulled out more than 250,000 photos in total.

They then identified the location of each proposal image by checking the longitude and latitude. This data was then cross referenced to the nearest city and revealed the most popular locations for people to get engaged.

  • 1. New York
    Tetra Images – fotog via Getty Images
  • 2. Los Angeles
    Meinzahn via Getty Images
  • 3. Seattle
    Edmund Lowe Photography via Getty Images
  • 4. Miami
    Sylvain Sonnet via Getty Images
  • 5. Chicago
    zrfphoto via Getty Images
  • 6. Toronto
    Luke Abrahams via Getty Images
  • 7. London
    Laurie Noble via Getty Images
  • 8. San Diego
    Goran Assner via Getty Images
  • 9. Orlando
    dosecreative via Getty Images
  • 10. Sydney
    TY1VHI ZRGTR5 SKF13R via Getty Images
  • 11. Vancouver
    Brian Stablyk via Getty Images
  • 12. San Francisco
    Dmitry Rostovtsev via Getty Images
  • 13. Las Vegas
    ranplett via Getty Images
  • 14. Atlanta
    Jerry Driendl via Getty Images
  • 15. Paris
    Zoonar/J.Wachala via Getty Images
  • 16. Washington
    Vincent Ricardel via Getty Images
  • 17. Dubai
    Siegfried Layda via Getty Images
  • 18. Philadelphia
    Travelif via Getty Images
  • 19. Singapore
    Medioimages/Photodisc via Getty Images
  • 20. Honolulu
    Michele Falzone via Getty Images

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